About Us

WorldWide Business Team 三大优势

At WorldWide Business Team (WWBT), we have gathered a team of dedicated top-tier professionals. The managing members, corporate partners, and board of advisors have been carefully selected for expertise in their chosen fields. Throughout the years, we have built long-lasting partnerships within the motion picture industry, finance, production, contract negotiation, and film fund formation.

  一、Our team has expertise and experience in every aspect of creating, running, monitoring, investing, and compliance of film funds. WorldWide Business Team capabilities are just as valuable to a fund owner as to slates or projects owners.

我们的全球业务团队拥有专业知识, 经验, 创建, 运行, 监控, 投资和符合电影基金的每一个方.

Our team can help clients enhance the creditability and simplicity of investor reporting and provide top notch industry standard and support for fund raising and management fees:

• Co Investment
Joint Investment
Secondary Investments
Secured Debt, Secured Loan, Secured Lien Loans, Subordinated Loans
Equity Security and Illiquid Debt

 二、与主流电影制作公司合作的优先权:无需排队,可直接和美国主流的电影制作公司 (21st Century, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Universal, Warners Bros Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures) 合作

Foreign Sales Agent / 外国销售代理:  Lotus Entertainment, Wild Bunch, and Sierra Affinity
Mini-Major Studios / 小片厂制作工作室: Lionsgate, Open Road, and The Weinstein Company
Non-studio Distributors / 非制作工作室发行商:A24, Amazon.com, eOne, iTunes, Magnolia Pictures and Netflix

三、低风险 高回报的投资模式

Finance and produce both Oscar caliber and smart genre films with budget of approximately $20 million to 40 million.   The most profitable segment of the market, middle market “Prestige” and “Commercial” films with A-List talent


A newly-formed from finance and Production Company led by firm finance veterans Steve Wang

由经验丰富的投资人Steve Wang 领导的新兴的投资制作公司